Men's Wedding Band

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7 mm wide/Flat Grooved Edges/Cobalt Chrome band with two 1 mm Edge inlays of 14K Rose Gold.
7 mm wide Flat 14K Yellow Gold band.
7 mm wide/Domed Stepped Down Edges/Cobalt Chrome band with a laser carved Celtic 9 pattern.
8 mm wide/Flat Grooved Edges/Zirconium band with two 1 mm Edge inlays of 14K Yellow Gold.
7 mm wide/Flat/Tantalum band with one 2 mm Off Center inlay of Sterling Silver.
7 mm wide Domed Stepped Down Edges Cobalt Chrome band.
9 mm wide/Flat/Zirconium band featuring inlays of Sterling Silver and Coral.
8 mm wide/Beveled/14K Yellow Gold band featuring inlays of Dinosaur Bone Black and Meteorite.
7 mm wide/Flat Stepped Edges Milgrain/Cobalt Chrome band with an arrangement of 9, .03 carat Round Lab Grown Diamond stones in a Channel setting.